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BRPC Memorandum

A clarifying memorandum to the City of Greenfield from the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission  that did the master plan accessibility study of all public buildings and streets for the city in 2018 explaining the need for major renovations of the current library if a new library is not built. 

MOD Letter to Mayor

A letter to the City of Greenfield from the Massachusetts Office of Disabilities as a follow-up to an evaluation visit to the current library in June, 2019 explaining how it is not in compliance with both federal and state accessibility and safety codes. 

(Note: the $401,010 value listed is incorrect as they used the assessed value for both the library AND firehouse. Thirty percent of the assessed value of the library is $217,080.)

Non-Compliance Review

This is a line item cost analysis of what it will take to just get the current library to reach federal ADA standards as outlined by the Massachusetts Office of Disabilities in a report following their June 2019 evaluation visit. The removal and replacement of just the ramps and bathrooms will be over $600,000.  It exceeds the MA 30% law (see Letter to Trustees explaining this) that makes ALL state building codes be enforced as well. (See last column listed as Ramps and Bathrooms for these figures)

Explanation of Fed and MA ADA

 Letter to the Trustees of the Greenfield Library from Dan Pallotta, engineer and owner P3 Project Planning Professionals explaining the Federal ADA and Massachusetts laws and regulations as they pertain to making the current library accessible and safe.  

Estimated Costs

 A three page, line by line analysis prepared by an architect and an engineer of the estimated costs to make the current Greenfield library meet federal and state standards of accessibility and safety. 

Letter to City Officials

Letter to:  
Greenfield Mayor William F. Martin
Greenfield City Councilors

Doris Cowdrey
Chair, Library Board of Trustees

 Letter to:

Library Building Committee

City of Greenfield MA


Phil O'Brien

Johnson Roberts Associates, INC


In the News

    Wednesday, August 7 2019

Library upgrades could cost same as new one

State Office on Disability report details needed work


Staff Writer, The Recorder

Articles from The Recorder

 Thursday, September 26, 2019

Greenfield Receives High Bond Rating from Independent Companies


Staff Writer, The Recorder

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Greenfield library rated by Library Land  


Staff Writer, The Recorder 


What about the fire station? 

Greenfield needs a new fire station, and the city has known this for years.

“The study nearly six years ago stated the fire station is ‘no longer viable’ in its current setup. The location is too small for renovation or expansion and the lack of space also poses safety concerns. The fire station also does not meet Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.”  

From The Recorder article at right



Tuesday, February 26 2019

 New Greenfield Firehouse Would Cost $10-Million

According to the architects behind a long-awaited fire station study, a 20,000-square-foot fire station can be built for around $9.5 million to $10.5 million at the proposed Beacon Street site.

By Josh Solomon

Staff Writer, The Recorder

Thursday, October 17 2019

Library: Executive Order 2019-4-Updated Restrictions 


Thursday, October 17 2019

Mayor's updated order further restricts library use

Mayor reduces available space for public usage after seeing engineer’s report 

By Melina Bourdeau

Staff Writer, The Recorder


 "There’s no place that makes me happier than the Greenfield Public Library. Reading is a big part of my life - which means the Library is too!"    ~Maricella Obando Moya 


“We all like the nice people who work at the library. They help us find the best books to read!” ~ Ayva, Shaylene, and Neveah